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We are pleased to provide you with first rate investigative services, with a focus on personal injury investigations.  We have been working within the investigative field since 1994, however we became a licensed private investigative firm in 1999, assisting clients just like you.  Having worked over 17,000 cases, in those 25 years, we know the definitive evidence you need to settle your case quickly.  This is why we work hand and hand with your staff, providing cost effective, as well as result oriented investigative services. 

We have two offices to serve your investigative needs.  One office is located in Scranton, Pennsylvania and the other office is located in Center Valley, Pennsylvania, which is right by Allentown.  Having two locations allows us to cover a large portion of Pennsylvania, placing us close to New Jersey and within a short drive to New York. 

We are licensed in Pennsylvania, New York and New Jersey.  This allows us to seamlessly travel between states, while maintaining the professional license needed.