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With any type of accident, a canvass is extremely important.  In today's society, technology has taken us to a completely new level.  Installation of surveillance systems, upon a home or business, is so easy that the most technologically challenged can do it.  These surveillance systems are capturing your accident, trip and fall, fight, etc.  Do not let this extremely valuable evidence disappear.  Send one of our experienced investigators out to secure this evidence because it disappears quickly due to save times. 

A canvass of the area can produce witnesses not listed on the crash report.  Let us go door to door and obtain their statement and the photographs they had secured with the use of their cell phone, which is always on their person. 

We have seen a tremendous influx of camera operated doorbells.  Some of the popular brands are Ring and Google Nest.  These cameras have wide angle lenses, which are capturing the roadways and sidewalks.  This means your accident would be documented.  The ability of these doorbell cameras to see in the dark are exceptional.  They are even helping the police capture kidnappers and porch pirates, so why not canvass to see how they captured your accident or incident?